Dance Testimonials

Many of Samira's clients have left reviews on her website, and on Facebook. Here are a few! 

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    •    You were perfect! Your were perfect last time. You were MORE perfect this time. Thank you.”
Dr Rajpara (MD) Temple fundraiser

    •    You really made my party an event to remember. My friends are still talking about your performance, especially the sword…
Arutha (2008 - DC) Pre-wedding party

    •    You will not believe that two months after my wedding; guest are still talking about you; I’m so happy that I hired you, thank you for being so marvelous…and doing such a wonderful job!!”
Lyvette (VA)  Wedding

    •    You are obviously very talented… we were so taken by your act from head to toe and, the amazing dance. Should we have another gathering we will definitely call on you.”
Carol (DC) Family party


    •    Your website is wonderful and I feel even more impressed than when I heard back from the Turkish Embassy with your recommendation!”
Laurie (MD) 90th birthday party

    •    “We thank YOU so much for providing us with a truly mesmerizing performance…My friends and neighbors are still talking about how wonderful you were… thank you for making it so memorable for all of us.”
Shea (PA) Graduation party

    •    Samira we loved your performance! We shall have you again in near future” (Chicago)
Siroj and Yogi (Chicago) Henna party

    •    “I have been meaning to thank you for your performance at our wedding four months ago-you were fantastic!  We are still receiving compliments from family and friends…the Tower Club staff was really enthused about your performance, too!
Alexandra (VA) Wedding



    •    …I wish you had seen the looks of the band members behind you when you went down to the floor in a split with the sword on your head – one of the singer’s mouths was open so wide, had we been outside, he would have caught a ton of flies…
Alexandra (VA) Wedding

    •    Thank you very much for the beautiful performance on my daughter’s wedding..Your were beautiful and our guests were happy and had a great time. I will definitely request you to perform in any of our future events.”
Sarah (NY) Wedding

    •    i wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance at my henna party. your performance left everyone in the room breathless…
Mosami Henna party

    •    …Everything about your performance was amazing… I’m very glad that you were able to attend and hope that you will return for future engagements.
Arutha (DC) Pre wedding party


    •    …you truly captured the meaning of the song in your expressions and movements. you are truly the best bollywood mujra dancer i have ever seen. I know all of our guests would agree!
Mosami Henna Night

    •    I’ve seen you a few times at Cazbar and each time is always entertaining and fun. You always grab everyone’s attention…and you are also very gracious when the audience decides to participate; it has been memorable every time.
Chris (MD) Regular venue

    •    Samira performed at our wedding May, 2011. My wife is Armenian and retaining her cultural heritage is important to us. Having Samira perform was a great surprise for both our families. Her beauty and grace made our special day even more special. Its been several months and our friends and family still want to know who she is and were glad they were there for the experience.
Brandon and Rita Wedding


    •    Can’t sing enough praises about Samira! She was friendly, responsive and extremely professional. She performed at my husband’s birthday party and everyone had a fantastic time! Thank you Samira!!!!
Jenny Birthday party

    •    A quick note to express our appreciation of your dance performance yesterday.It was literally a delight to see your precision, tenderness and beauty of the dance. You simply captured all of us as followers. The radiant smile of yours is breath taking and may I personally compliment you as a stunning and gorgeous lady of the arts. Wishing you much success in your future endeavors. Gil and “The Boys From Charlie’s Corner ” You warmed all of our hearts !!!
Gil Reunion

    •    Samira, You made an already perfect day that much more special. It was a great way to incorporate my Greek culture into the wedding. People still talk about how awesome your show was. It made for an entertaining and memorable wedding day. Thank you so much!
MarieGreek wedding

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    •    Samira is excellent dancer, very professional, dedicated, friendly and makes party memorable . Her dances are visual treat and very unique.
Dr. Rajpara Engagement party

    •    Due to inevitable circumstances I have not been able to write sooner. We loved your performance at our Welcome Dinner party for the families of my son Sharad and his fiancé Manisha, some of them had come from distant countries to attend the wedding. Your item was the highlight of the evening. Our American guests had never seen an Indian dance with such perfection. My Indian friends had never seen a Mujrah done by a non-Indian as good as Rekha India’s top movie star, they are still talking about it. Once again thank you very for presenting one of the wonderful performances of the evening
Sunder Daswani Sangeet


    •    Your performance was a complete shock to everyone when you danced the IRAQI STYLE of belly dancing. Everything was so beautiful from the Turkish to the Egyptian style, giving everyone a splendid time. It was a real pleasure having you at my sisters engagement party. You made real connection with all of us and turned the night lights into flames of passion. Thank you SAMIRA.
Ayad (VA) Engagement party

    •    Samira! What a great evening we had. Thank you for your beautiful dancing, it got everyone going and everyone loved it!! You are awesome, classy and beautiful! I appreciated it very much.
Lots of love Radhi And the entire staff of Allergy and Asthma!! (2014) Holiday party

    •    Hi Samira, Thx for the beautiful dances last night ! Everyone loved them as we did . Here are some pictures from the party . Hope u enjoy these ! Will talk to u soon about next time. (2015)
Alpana Holiday party

    •    Rhia and you stole the show with your mesmerizing performances. all the guests were glad to family was very happy too. THANKS again for your lovely presence.. it was delightful..
Johnny Graduation party

•    You were so good! My whole family admired your dance! We were all curious where you are from. You even spoke the words to the Indian songs so well! We loved it!!!! So glad you came.
Noor Engagement party


Samira Naureen Bokhari--bengali-wedding-bollywood.jpg

    •    Samira taught and performed for my sister’s bachelorette party! It was the perfect fit. My sister had always wanted to try belly dancing too. I’ll never forget the look on her face OR when Samira danced with a sword in our family room! Samira is very talented, professional, and you can see she enjoys teaching others. Totally worth it. We all had a such a great time! (2015)
Sara S

    •    Samira is an amazing performer and highly talented. She is also a very sweet person to work with. She did an amazing Bollywood dance performance at my wedding. I was honored to have Samira perform at my wedding. Everyone really enjoyed and loved her performance. Thank you so much for making my wedding memorable with your beautiful performance!(2015)
Rudmila R (DC)

    •    Samira is an amazingly talented performer! I had the pleasure of witnessing her performance at a wedding and have become a fan since! (2015)
Saureen Bokhari Photography Bengali wedding

    •    My wedding was in June and I invited Samira to do a show at my wedding. She is absolutely wonderful from personality to her dance skills. She was on time, did what she had promised and performed a wonderful show. My guests fell in love with her as well. Samira, Thank you so much! Highly recommended! (2015)
Farinaz Y B (DC) Persian wedding at The Mayflower Hotel


    •    Samira was so kind as to perform at our wedding on the Persian New year (Nowruz 2015); it was so important to me to have her there that I had insisted on booking her about a year in advance!
Aside from being an extremely talented performer, Samira is exceptionally professional- her passion for arts is clear and her fantastic personality dazzles during her performances.
Our guests (Persian, Italian, and American) were all amazed by her performance; we still hear from our guests how it was the best wedding they had ever attended, attributed to her performance alone!
I highly recommend working with Samira and would certainly not hesitate to book her for another event.
Holly S 

    •    Samira You were a perfect choice for my event!!! You are obviously good at belly dance but even more wonderful in bollywood dance..those expressions were a killer!!!!Thanks for making the event unforgettable!!! Referring so many people your way….

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