International Belly Dance Rates by Region
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**Support establishments that pay fairly and treat dancers with respect.  Bring your friends, go watch a show, etc.
**Help guide and support each other in typical rate practices.  Remember that these rates are merely a guideline – advanced dancers can earn more than newbies as a result of their experience,  however new dancer should NOT use this as an excuse to charge lower than a reasonable professional level minimum.
**A few restaurant owners do not always tell the truth about what they are paying other dancers.  They will often try to get the lowest price possible – as does any business, and know that not all negotiators use honest tactics.  Be fair, but also do not undervalue yourself.
**If a venue doesn’t pay you, or gives you the run around- Remember you are a professional and deserve to be treated as such.  Also let other dancers know this is happening.  Communication with others is key in developing a support network.
**Clearly communicate and negotiate with a venue and/or band about both pay and tips.  Is there body tipping allowed? How are floor tips distributed?  How are you paid if there are few clients in the establishment?  Remember to do this BEFORE you work- so tip and pay methods are understood clearly by all parties. Take notes in your meeting with the owner.  You’ll have it in writing! You may need it!
**If you are a teacher and want to create an opportunity for your students to perform, it’s unethical to take away a gig opportunity from another professional dancer.  Create something OTHER than a “Student Night” at a restaurant or club on a busy night.
If you organize a student night at a restaurant or club on non-busy night or in the afternoon– you are allowing your students the excitement of performing at a real venue, insuring there is plenty of room for their friends, family and supporters AND supporting the restaurants that hire professional dancers for their busier nights.  You are creating a win-win situation! Haflas/student performances can also be held at community centers, retirement homes, daytime/non-busy nights at shisha lounges, coffee houses, after workshops, in your studio etc.  They can be fund raisers for a cause, or for scholarships for your school.  There are SO many positive opportunities you can create for your students, that also demonstrate support of the professionals in the area.

If you or your students can’t get and/or keep a gig at or above the typical local rate, chances are you are not yet ready to perform for the general public as a professional.

**Do yourself and the art form a favor and PLEASE find a teacher or mentor to help guide you.  There are lots of venues appropriate for a developing professional or hobbyist.
**Having students perform in environments where the general public may think they are professional is doing a disservice to the dance.  Our art form will never be seen as professional if we do not uphold professional standards
**Support other teachers and event promoters.  Also do your best to not schedule your events over someone else’s.
**Remember the difference between a Diva and a Professional. Be a professional.
**Follow a strong Code of Conduct, such as the one by Anthea
**Be ethical!
**Speak positively about other dancers, speak positively about the dance.  Educate yourself to the best of your abilities, so you can present the dance in its best possible light and help to dispel myths.

Did you get through all that?
Having the above background information will help you understand how the standard rates list work.
Thanks for taking the time to read it and thanks for caring enough about the dance to support positive and ethical business practices.

Samira Shuruk


Sydney: Standard restaurant gig is 20 mins between $120-150. Private functions start and $300 and up and needs to be quoted case by case.

Perth: Restaurants $80-$100 for 15-20 min show. Other venues: $100-$150 per dancer for 15-20 min show.  Double New Years Eve.

Parties $200 for dancer, or $150/per dancer (if troupe) for 15-20 min show.  Or $250 and up for 2 x 15 min shows.

The Netherlands

**Restaurants: 75 euro for two 10 minute shows **Private parties: 175-200 euro for 15/20 minute show **Corporate parties: 15/20 minute show 200+ euro. **Cultural events, charity etc: 75-150 euro **Classes: 7E/hr, Private classes: 20 Euro **Bachelorette party, or party “workshop”: 2 hours, 200 E for up to 10 people.  20 E per person over 10.


**Classes: Paid in packages of 10- 10E/1,5 hour class; 7,5E/hour class **Studio workshops, range between 10E and 15E per hour, depending on topic and level. **Private classes, between 30-50E per hour **Introworkshops on location 125E for up to two hours. 50E per additional hour. **Bachelorette party (mini performance, 45min teaser lesson, tea session), 200 E **Parties: 1 set, 10 to 20 minutes, 175-200E; 2 sets of 10-15min each with costume change, 250-300E.

**Parties with two dancers, 150€ per dancer for the first set, 100€ for each additional set (per dancer), 300 E

**Restaurant: 1 set of 15 min, 100E.


Athens **Parties 200 euro + for 2 sets **Weddings 300 euro + for an hour **Restaurands 100 euro for a set **Massive Oriental Clubs 150 euro + for an hour and more **Small Oriental Cafe’s 50 for 15 min



**10-15 min 125-150 Euro **20-40 min 250-300 Euro **costume changes 50 Euro **Christmas/New Years Eve double **waiting time 25 Euro first 30 min, 40 Euro second 30 min, max one hour between shows. *classes 6-12 Euro per hour class *12-16 Euro per class drop in rates



**Party rate: 18-20 min show 185-215 E plus travel fee **bellygram 10-12 min show 155-175E plus travel. **Corporate show 25-35 min or more than one show 295-495 E plus travel **weekly class rates 8-10E /hr **private class rate 30-40E per hr plus studio rental fees



**private party  £150-£200 for 20 minute set divided in one or 2 costume changes

£60 **restaurant gig: 3 different songs with 20-30 minutes breaks in between each one, each time with costume change£30-40/h **private lessons£70/h **workshops £9/h – drop in class  (1 hour) or £8/h for drop in class (1 hour) paid in a course

Brighton, UK:

**private party – £100 – 15 min set or £150 for 20 minute set divided in one or 2 costume changes£60 **restaurant gig: 3 different songs with 20-30 minutes breaks in between each one, each time with costume change £30/h **private lessons £60-70/h – workshops

£7/h – drop in class or £6/h for drop in class paid in a course

Oxford, UK: 

**Teaching weekly classes – £20 to £30 per hour.**Private lessons – £25 to £40 per hour.**Teaching one-off workshops – £60 to £100 per hour**Private parties: £100-£150 for one set. Gets complicated for multiple sets.**Restaurants: £65 absolute minimum but usually £85+



I am on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada so our rates are a little lower than the mainland (i.e. Vancouver):


Victoria, BC (Vancouver Island):

**15 minute weekly restaurant gigs for $50-75, **single 15-20 minute set private parties $175 per dancer, **Weddings $225.  New Years Eve doubles the price for everything.  Additional travel fee for outside Greater Victoria Area.


Ottawa, Ontario Canada:

**Restaurants(weekly shows): $100 for one 15 minute set, $150 for two 15 minute sets on the same night **Private Parties: $175-$200 15 minute set **Weddings: $225-$250 zeffa and 15 minute set **Private lessons: $50-$100 per hour (may or may not include studio rental) **Regular classes pay: $25-$30 per hour with community centres and school boards, $40-$60 per hour at dance and fitness studios

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

**Party $110 and up for 15-20 min show (add for travel) **Hen parties 125-225 or more.  **teaching minimum $25/hr

Toronto and Greater Toronto area:

**Weekly Restaurant: $130-$150 for 20-25min set

**Weddings, Birthday party, etc: starting at $250 and up to $400+ depending upon location for one 20-25min set. (Most professional dancers are based in downtown Toronto and charge more based on the distance of the gig).  *if a client would like a second show within an hour of the first show a small discount may apply – most dancers discount $50 (some charge full price)

**Zeffa: $225-$300 per performer, price increases based on distance.

**Private lessons: $60-$100, based on teacher’s experience and expertise.

Vancouver and suburbs:

**15 minute restaurant gigs for $75-100, **single 15 minute set private parties for no less than $150 – $175 per dancer (more for specialty props & costume changes, yet more for travel or prime nights), **multi-set events or concerts for no less than $200 – $250 per dancer minimum, (some charge more for live music). New Years Eve doubles the price for everything.

St Johns, Newfoundland:

**10-15 minute set at restaurant $100 per dancer.**10-15 minute set at private parties $200 (troupe).**1-2 pieces at a staged show or event, $200+ (troupe).**60 minute mini-lesson at private party, $15 per participant with $200 minimum.**Price increases for travel, special requests, corporate events and weddings.

Edmonton, Alberta:

**Restaurant show – $100

**Private event – starting at $200, 20-25 minutes

**Prices double on NYE. All soloist rates.