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Teacher bio & Classes


Samira, an ACE certified instructor, and certified Sport Conditioning Specialist, was first introduced Pilates in 1983 and belly dance in 1985. She was a dance major at the Philadelphia University of the Arts. She has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986 and continually deepens her Pilates, belly dance, Bollywood dance, pedagogy, injury prevention and sports conditioning knowledge through workshops, training and research.

She is a published and often quoted fitness expert, and has a DVD workout!  Passionate about clearly presenting proper technique, her classes combine depth, with humor and enthusiasm. Samira’s dedication to health, fitness and wholistic well being results in classes that are both physically and emotionally effective and rewarding.






Pilates is a mat based exercise system proven to address postural problems, increase core strength, prevent injury, create strong muscles, refine coordination and balance through body awareness, while also building functional strength and endurance. All classes are multi-level, and will be carefully led, for your desired effort level. You will work your abs, back, glutes, and we won’t stop there. These Pilates classes are part of our morning energizing series! For more advanced practitioners, we will have an optional pre-class 15 minutes of Pilates work. 



Stretch classes will combine multiple traditions. This class will gently warm up your abs and back through movement and stabilization exercises for core strength, in a quick warm up format for the beginning of the class. The majority of the class will be flexibility exercises for the whole body from various practices, including focus on postural muscles, functional fitness, stress release and pain relief. You will finished feeling taller, relaxed and refreshed. These are part of our unwind curriculum, geared to help you stay ache free with all our walking tours. For more advanced practitioners, we will have an optional pre-class 15 minutes of Pilates work. 


Belly Dance

Belly dance, or Raqs Sharqi (dance of the East) is a fabulous low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone! Versions of belly dance have been a part of folk dance, religious ceremonies and family celebrations since before written history. This ancient art can trace its origins to the dances of the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean before it became the solo performance art we are more familiar with today.

Learn the basic steps and isolations for belly dance. Enjoy authentic, traditional and modern music along with rich cultural information. Basic vocabulary and moves will be taught, which will include lifts, drops, undulations, slides and circles. We will build on that knowledge and put together mini combinations to get you dancing!


Myofascial Release & Nerve Gliding

Fascia is the web like connective tissue that’s interwoven throughout our body; particularly through our muscles and around our organs. When fascial build-up and adhesions occur—when there is a tightening or restriction in one place—due to in-activity, injuries, or other circumstances, pain and dysfunction in distant and seemingly unrelated locations can occur. Our nerves are also meant for movement. Nerves glide in sheaths, and the same thing can occur - adhesions that restrict movement, sometimes causing pain or loss of motion.

In this all-levels class, we’ll unwind and release fascial  and nerve adhesions with techniques and tools that will serve you long after you leave Morocco.