It all started when Samira realized she could combine her fitness and dance leadership skills with her cultural expertise and sense of adventure! She wants to lead you on journeys of a lifetime, that inspire your heart and mind, while giving your body rejuvenation and strength. Samira's culture & connections fitness retreats are crafted for the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.

Explore the magic of the world, while finding the beauty & strength within yourself!

Sometimes on her own, and sometimes co-leading with other experienced instructors, Samira helps you  (Re)treat Yourself in style. 2017 took us to Marrakech, Morocco. It was so magical that we're going again! Our 2020 Retreat has two exciting options: Valley of The Roses & The Red City, or Magical Marrakech, The Red City.
Morocco 2020 is SOLD OUT! Click the pictures below for more information on what our following trip might contain! Contact Samira with questions. 

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"Exceeded my expectations!" ~ 2017 guest Josie.
”I am now in love with Morocco! Everything was perfect.” ~ 2017 guest Jana.

Marrakech is the most exotic of all the Moroccan royal cities. It is a stunning melange of ancient Amazigh, Arab & French cultures.


Culture & Connection fitness retreats.
Hike in the Valley of the Roses, Pilates & stretch in Marrakech, cultural activities, museum visits and more!

Our Berber guide in the Atlas Mountains loves to share the beautiful Amazigh culture.




"The Moroccan Trip was quite an adventure! We got to experience a bit of the culture at the bath house, the Medina, and the guided tours. I have never done shopping while hiking in the mountains before!
Starting the day with yoga or Pilates was a fantastic way to begin. I usually have back pain, but had no pain this entire trip due to our morning exercise.
The Peacock Pavilions were like nothing I have ever seen before! Each guest room was individually decorated with authentic African artifacts. It was great to have a kitchen and living room area so we could sit and socialize in the evening. I went up on the rooftop terrace every morning to watch the sun rise over the mountains! The movie under the stars was an amazing experience, as was the Andalusian singer, and the henna artist.
This trip was the perfect balance of relaxation, fun, and culture. It was very well planned, while also being flexible enough to meet our needs." ~ Josie (2017 Participant)

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Artful rooms

Samira chooses retreat centers with spaces that inspire


Locally sourced meals

Most meals are included. Some special diets can be accommodated

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Exercise spaces

Some are poolside, some are in tents, all are lovely spaces

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Beautiful scenery

Accommodations are chosen with exceptional staff and beautiful scenery