Travel Information

To help you enjoy your trip to the fullest extent, we have gathered information for you.

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Flight planning

Purchase your airline tickets early. And remember travel insurance, as per our contract. The recommended time to purchase your airline ticket is 4-6 months prior to travel.

Travel : Morocco, Peacock Pavilions is 13km outside the old city (Medina) of Marrakesh.

You will book your own flights to the nearest airport: Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK).

2017: Book your flights to arrive in Marrakech early afternoon on October 7. We will have two vans to transport us to Peacock Pavilions.

Book your flights to depart Marrakech after 10am on October 13. We will have two vans to transport us from Peacock Pavilions to the airport.

Check out time for Peacock Pavilions October 13 is 11am.

2018: Book your flights to arrive in Marrakech early afternoon on October 7. We will have two vans to transport us to Peacock Pavilions.

Book your flights to depart Marrakech after 10am on October 13. We will have two vans to transport us from Peacock Pavilions to the airport.

Check out time for Peacock Pavilions October 13 is 11am.

We recommend that you check multiple airports local to you, as prices may vary a good bit. There is a lot of advice online on how to maximize your airline dollars. Purchasing tickets 4-6 months prior to international travel is the general guideline. Air Maroc has some non-stop flights, depending upon your local airport. Sometimes making the drive to a larger, international  US airport can save you a lot of money. Only you know your own money vs time value priorities. We will sent you an email as a reminder in the spring. 

Remember to check your airline’s checked baggage fees, and weight restrictions.

If you plan on supporting local artists and artisans, packing one suitcase inside another is something we have done to make our return packing easier.

This link is for Agadir airport, but international landings all follow the same procedures. These are super handy tips, so you know what to expect!


Packing & Preparation

At least 6 weeks before we travel, it’s recommended that you check with your physician for their travel recommendations. Check that you are updated on all your regular vaccinations. Morocco has some common sense recommendations  for traveling abroad. Scroll down and expand sections for food guidelines and more.

Remember to pack your usual vitamins, prescriptions and toiletries. High SPF sunscreens are not always easy to find there. Bring sunscreen!

Check your airline guidelines for carry on information. We recommend extra zip lock bags for liquids and creams when traveling by air.

Contact your phone carrier to ask about international use and plans. Purchase and pack a converter for your phone charger. 

Contact your bank and credit cards to let them know when and where you'll be traveling. 

These are health related recommendations for traveling to Morocco from the US government.

Currency and customs

Using the currency exchange at the airport will get you the best rates and fewest charges. Here is more information!

A lot of places are cash only. It's a good idea to plan on using cash for purchases, and planning ahead. There are ATMs around, but not always convenient. 

Tipping – Small tips are given for service at cafes and restaurants and it is customary to leave a dirham for using public toilets.



Wear comfortable clothing and bring layers. Morocco is a fairly conservative culture. Wearing skirts or pants that fall below the knee, and covering up your shoulders and cleavage area will not only protect you from the sun, but will also help our host country feel more comfortable. The average October temperature in Marrakech is 70F, with lows around 61F and highs 84F. For women, we recommend having flowing layers if the days are hot when we are in the city. If you plan on visiting a Mosque, it’s important to bring a scarf to cover your hair.
Samira has created a Pinterest board to help you with packing ideas! 

Choose footwear for comfort. All of our day trips will involve exploring on foot. Old cities and mountain walks may be dusty. Some sites recommend closed toe shoes. 

Peacock Pavilions has yoga mats and blocks for our classes. If you have specific other needs, bring them with you. Your regular exercise clothes will be perfect for classes.



Moroccans are known for their gregarious hospitality. You will be delighted by how kind and friendly they are. Unlike many European cultures, tipping is part of the culture. It’s great to keep small change on your for such purposes. This page is full of fun facts about Morocco.

Here is a quick guide to etiquette in Morocco. There is more in depth information here, but much of this doesn’t apply, as we’ve made most arrangements for you.

When we are in the markets and “out and about,” people WILL try to sell you things. Just say “no, thank you,” “non, merci,” or “la'” (Arabic for “no”), and keep walking. Samira has made a Pinterest board that includes some guides to the Souks in Marrakech. 



We will be enjoying wonderful, freshly made food, much of it from nearby farms. Peacock Pavilions as a retreat specialty facility is used to accommodating traveler dietary needs. We recommend that you stick to bottled water on this trip. Many people recommend bringing both probiotics and Immodium. See above in links under Preparation & Packing.


Identification & communication

Morocco does not require a VISA from US citizens, and visitors can stay up to 90 days, which is quite generous. Please note that your passport expiration date MUST be after the date of your intended return if you are a US Citizen. You will need one blank page in your passport for the entry stamp which they will add at customs. For full US Department of State information, click here.

We recommend making  2 copies of all your IDs, cards, medical and other information, such as travel itinerary. One copy you travel with, one you leave at home with someone. We also recommend you email it, so you can retrieve it online, if necessary. Although, keep in mind wifi is not available everywhere.

We mentioned it in Packing and Preparation, but it bears repeating: Check your phone carrier for international travel information as it relates to your own plan. Inform your bank and credit cards of your plans.


Room sharing

If you register solo, we will be assigning a roommate to you. We will share their name and contact information with you before the trip, so you may communicate, if you wish. It will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone while enjoying a spectacular adventure. Peacock Pavilions changes their beds to accommodate guests. Each room can be made with one queen/ king size or two twin size beds.


Extended plans

Some of our guests choose to arrive earlier or stay later in Morocco. 

Peacock Pavilions transportation is to and from the airport. If you are making other plans, be sure to include transportation to arrive at, or leave the retreat. 

Morocco is full of adventure! Here are some ideas. Remember, stay safe!