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Samira teaches under the name Karen at The Yoga Center of Columbia, MD

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  • Love, love, love Pilates with Karen. I have been going weekly since last summer and have noticed a lot of differences in my core. She integrates stretching with Pilates exercises and describes each exercise so well. At 22 weeks pregnant I was still able to do most exercises and she helped modify them so I was still getting a workout without putting pressure on the babies. I have less back pain and discomfort this pregnancy due to Karen's expertise on strengthening my core.

      Ann Anderson
      Update - at 8 weeks post birth of TWINS, Ann is back, and feeling            

  • ...I've since moved on to Pilates because I wanted to enhance my workout regimen. I've been attending Karen's Pilates 2 class. In one session I can see that I'm much more toned and stable. Karen is also very knowledge with a great personality. She will push you to YOUR limit never more than what you can handle. She's a great teacher! Samantha Jones

  • I really enjoyed the Pilates and Bone Density workshop with Karen Best. She shared great information and specific exercises to work on bone density. It was also a great forum for participants to share experiences with each other.  
    Katie Mahoney Kerwin

  • Karen's pilates classes are what really keep me coming back, though. I have been going to her for a couple years now, starting with the level one class. Her patience and humor add a nice touch to her years of experience and knowledge. I only wish she taught more level two classes...once a week isn't enough!
    Jill J

  • I've been going to the Yoga center on and off for over 5 years. Always the best instruction. Karen's Pilates classes keep bringing me back. She's funny and warm and somehow makes us want to work hard!

  • I have taken Pilates classes for over 5 years with 4 different instructors and Karen Best at the Yoga Center of Columbia is by far the best instructor I have ever had. Karen is technically trained and certainly understands the proper Pilates forms and techniques. She is excellent in her descriptions and how to achieve proper technique. She also keeps the class going at a great pace. Not rushed, but you get an awesome workout. She also makes class a lot of fun. She is great!


  • I've been going to the yoga center for several years and Pilates has really helped my back issues. I suffered from sciatica pain and muscle relaxants and motrin were no longer helping with the pain. After attending Karen’s Pilates classes, I saw a significant improvement and soon I no longer needed any medication much less any invasive procedures that I had been considering. I highly recommend Karen’s Pilates class and also really enjoyed Rimmi’s yoga classes. I cannot stress how much these classes have helped my back and sciatica issues and overall well being.

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