Samira provides email marketing and social media marketing for small businesses. With some sites she can also help you with website updating. Her personalized approach is tailored to the diverse needs of each client.

Call or email Samira today for more information.

Most marketing work is on a monthly contract basis. Samira also provides individual service work such as: website redesign, photo shoot booking and management.

Some marketing needs you may need to consider include:


Your branding and theme

Are you up to date?
Your logo, colors and more must update over time.

Image and customer service are everything
In today's world of visual input and immediate communication, Samira helps you determine how to plan ahead with marketing, to streamline client communications and stay on top of the ever changing marketing environment. 

How Much, How Often

How often should you post? 
And what type of material will reach your market?

Consistency is key
You need to stay in front of the public, and you need to keep doing so. Sporadic posts or emails will get sporadic results. For consistent clients, you need consistent and reliable posts and emails. Samira helps you determine the balance between consistency and "too much." 

Integration, SEO, hashtags

You are busy running your business
Social media work demands time and thought.

Via in person, video conference meetings, text, phone calls and emails, Samira can help you keep on task and on target with your marketing needs. She can help with long term organization, promotion creation, scheduling, posting, online advertising, print marketing and more.  

Rates & Charges

This will vary greatly by your needs
We will determine these in our first communications.

Most clients pay bi-weekly or monthly
for regular work. 

We also can coordinate separate fees for one time or occasional work, such as website development, photo shoot booking and management and more. 


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