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Samira is a premiere belly dancer based in the Washington DC/ Baltimore region. After studying dance at the University of Connecticut, while she was in high school, at the age of 17 Samira was offered a full scholarship for modern dance to the University of Utah. At that time her dance dreams lay in jazz dance and she attended the Philadelphia University of the Arts.

She followed this 2 ½ years of professional dance training with an honors program theatre production Bachelor of Arts Degree, specializing in costuming. Samira combines her love of dance with her talent in costuming and intense interest in historical research to create authentic performances that bring joy to the sharing of cultures. If you are interested in a show or workshop contact Samira via email or call 410-977-7978.

This early education laid the foundation for her belly dance career. She has danced for royal families, ambassadors, diplomats, is recommended by the Turkish embassy in Washington DC, sponsored for both belly dance and folklore by the Egyptian embassy, has performed at Smithsonian museums and on military bases. Samira is a sought after performer throughout the East Coast and is considered a master dancer and teacher both by her peers and by people of the cultures of the dance.  Event planners, peers and party goers alike love her vibrant performances and hire her again and again. Samira is also a fitness expert with 30 years experience teaching.

Highly respected for her cultural knowledge and professionalism Samira is “the real deal” with her stunning shows, of which she has performed over 3,500.

Long term study with renown teachers (Artemis Mourat, Yasmin of DC, and more recently Faten), and vast professional experience,  Eqyptian folkloric troupe work, live musician work, workshops, videos and abundant research is the basis of building top-notch quality. As a teacher, Samira is generous and fun, while sharing knowledge and joy. Samira’s belly dance workshops, Bollywood workshops and university programs with Georgetown, Ball Sate University, University of Delaware (and more) received glowing reviews for both educational components and gala performances. To further this beautiful art, Samira runs the Biz of Belly Dance group on Facebook, which is dedicated to sharing information on raising standards in professionalism in the dance. She also is active in helping the dance be accessible for all. Some of Samira’s projects included belly dance, Bollywood and Pilates instructional videos, a Pilates CDs and playing sagat (finger cymbals) in an Arabic band, Saltanah.

After being vastly impressed with Samira’s belly dance performances, a DC venue sponsored Samira to learn Bollywood Mujra for their restaurant and special events. They were kind enough to invest in her training and her first Bollywood costumes. Samira continued to pay this gift great honor by also studying Kathak and extending her own education. Samira’s Bollywood Mujra shows bring item numbers to life and her Bollywood workshops create cultural understanding.

Samira has had the unique honor of hosting a weekly belly dance show on Persian satellite TV and taking privately from Shoo Shoo Amin and continues her dance and musical studies both in the US and abroad. Samira’s current projects include answering the demand for her to Bollywood choreographies for guests to perform at weddings. You can find Samira teaching with Carmine Guida for drummers and dancers at Carmine.com. Her Pilates audio CD is available on CDBaby and Samira’s belly dance and Bollywood workout DVD RaqFit  came out winter 2012. Samira authored an article both of the acclaimed Belly Dance Reader, peer reviewed books from the editors of Gilded Serpent. 2016 has many exciting developments for Samira including travel, new workshop offerings and surprise projects.

Live music and belly dance creates an incredibly exciting performance.  The traditional styles require a great amount of knowledge and high skill set with improvisation.  Samira has performed in live music venues with these highly talented musicians, many renowned in the field: Elias Sarkar, Chris Marashlian, George Stathos, Amir Naoum, Umut Yasmut, Gamal Shafik, Carmine Guida, Scott Wilson, Pangia, Shawkatt Sayyad, Mohamed Amir, Souren Baronian, Souhail Kaspar, David Buchbut, Rashid Halihal, Mike Stoupkakis and more. She is frequently invited to New York City to perform at their prestigious clubs with their astounding live music and she regularly travels to teach and perform.


As of October 2017 Samira has performed well over 3,500 full belly dance shows in addition to numerous mini shows at haflas and charity events.

Many shows are at fantastic regular venues, where you can take your friends, colleagues and family and a lot of the shows are at special events that Samira has had the honor to participate in.  University Gala Shows, Embassy Spectaculars, Corporate Affairs, Belly dance community events and international music and comedy stars all request Samira to grace their stages.

Contact Samira for more information about having her perform for your next gathering!


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