Samira has had the honor of working with many exemplary people and visionary artists over the years.

Here are a few photographers, designers and creative professionals she delights in working with. 

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Devon Rowland Photography

Devon is one of my go-to photographers to recommend for all sorts of creative projects. Professional, fun and responsive, she gets what me and my clients need, and captures the moments we want. Her work is featured heavily on this website, as well as those of several of Samira's marketing clients. 

StereoVision Photography

I absolutely love this husband and wife team who specialize in portrait photography of all types, as well as live event photography. They are inspiring, professional and kind in all working situations. They capture many different moods with their lighting and style. Their work is featured heavily in Samira's marketing work. 


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Piers Lamb

I especially love Piers Lamb's work in real estate, interiors and product shooting. He is creative and professional with an eye for everything from upscale to gritty. He is also the Santa, and driving force behind Santa's Cause, DC.