Student FAQ | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Students FAQ:
Q What should I wear?
A It’s handy to have dance shoes with no heels.You want to wear comfortable clothing in which Samira can see your body mechanics.  This means pants that don’t flair too much and it means a snug shirt, not a large baggy t-shirt.  Hips scarves with coins are helpful in determining you are moving on time with the music.

Q Can I perform?
A Samira will help you determine and find appropriate performing opportunities for your level.  There are many different kinds of shows and these all offer something wonderful.  Before going “out there” representing as anything other than a student, if you wish to list Samira as a reference or teacher, please ask!  Samira provides regular performance (and watching) opportunities both at the Live Music and Dance Hafla at Cazbar in Baltimore as well as at the Alf Laylah Wa Laylah hafla. When a student is ready to perform as a professional, Samira is an encouraging mentor; she already has a couple lovely dancers “out there.”

Q What should I bring to class?
A At first you’ll just need yourself, good workout clothes and a notebook.  Flat shoes are optional, but recommended for the cold winter months and for times we do more turns and spins.  A hip scarf is nice, but not necessary at first.  Bring your own water.  Bring your own towel or mat to stretch on at the end. Samira will provide yoga straps to ease your stretching. Level 2 Belly Dance class requires zills or sagat and props vary by semester.