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What this dance deserves
This dance, like any art deserves our utmost respect.
When we have more knowledge about the dance we are able to appreciate it more and present from a base of greater authenticity, whether we are dancing folkloric, cabaret or a fusion style.
Part of respecting the dance also lies in supporting each other in the community.  Teachers do more than teach, but also provide appropriate learning performance opportunities for their students.  Teachers mentor in the professional dance world if they are qualified and pass students on to others if they are not.  Students should be encouraged to study with different teachers as well as take workshops from the wonderful traveling dancers we sponsor.
Students and professionals alike must be able to hear and heed advice and recommendations for improving their dance.  Professionals communicate with each other honestly and with professional courtesy and present a positive image to the public.
With that in mind I am starting to compile a list of helpful articles for students, hobbyists, semi-pro and professional dancers.  This is by no means a complete list and this in no way can replace having a dance mentor and/or taking workshops on going professional.
If you have recommendations, please email me
NOTE: These were all just updated October 29th 2013. More will be added soon!
Delving into Performing:
General Performing Tips by Shira
Your First Performance by Shira
Hobbyist Circuit By Salome
Dancing to Distraction by Shira
To Cover Up or Not? by Shira
Personal Assessment by Tasha
The Dunning Kruger effect – Wiki article related to self assessment.
Belly Dance Politics
Where Have All the cover Ups Gone by Ashiya and Naajida
Dance and the Brain
How to Create a Choreography – from Belly Dance Stuff
Choreography, Improvisation and more. for beginners by Anthea
There’s More to Being a Professional
Becoming a Professional by Kiyaana

Professional Guidelines that help all of us:
There’s More to Being a Professional?
She’s Got the Look
Unpleasant Truths
Bellygrams, advice from a pro by Anthea
A Professional – Primer By Salome
A Professional – Dance by Salome
A Professional – Music By Salome
A Professional – Culture By Salome
What Makes a Belly Dancer’s Blood Boil? by Shira
Tips on Tipping by Piper
Tipping Practices by Sarah
What About Tipping? by Shira
Beginning to Teach Belly Dance by Shira
How MECDA Began 1
How MECDA Began 2
How MECDA Began 3
Professional vs Amateur, what is the Difference by Nisima
The Emperor’s New Clothes by Yasmela
Ethics and Standard Practices by Anthea
How Much do You Charge by Nanna Candalaria
Classy or Tacky by Shira
Stick to Your Guns by Despina
Y2K Belly Dance Standards by Jasmin Jahal
Guild of Oriental Dance in Minneapolis
Dynamic Relationships in Dance by Anthea
Art Critique as Learning Tool (not criticism)
Dance Etiquette by Chelydra
More Than being Paid by Chelydra
Dance for the Right Reasons by Chelydra
Ready or Not by Amira Jamal
Taking it to The Next Level by Piper
Please Welcome to the Stage… by Princess Farhana
Dancer Feet and Footwork
How to Charge What You’re Worth by Michelle Joyce
Know Your Worth
The Devil is in the Details Part 1 by Yasmin
The Devils Details part 2– The Cross Cultural Factors by Yasmin
The Devils Details part 3– Girls from Women by Yasmin
The Devils Details part 4– What Not to Do by Yasmin
The Devils Details part 5– Beauty by Yasmin
Copyright law for Dancers by Yasmin
My Dance Careers Dark Side by Najia
Tips on Getting Tips by Zaheea
Top Twenty Club Cliches by Artemis Mourat
Advertise Yourself by Angelique
Learning the Language of Belly Dance by Shems
Behind the Rates by Shems
Things to Consider When Hiring a Belly Dancer by Shems
Western Dancers in the Middle East by Meissoun *
Carrara Nour’s “So You Wanna Be a Professional Belly dancer…

Basic History:
A Name, a Notion By Salome
Just Say No By Salome
A Brief History of Oriental Dance By Salome
A Professional – Style/History By Salome
Sol Bloom by Kharmine
Egypt’s Belly Dance Superstars – Yasmin
Culture Quiz by Keti Sharif

Styles of Oriental Dance:
Faux or for Real? By Salome
Why the Fuss Over Egyptian Style Music & Oriental Dance? by Shira
Styles Of Belly Dance In The United States by Shira
Many Styles of Belly Dance by Yasmina
Shimmies- to use the Knees or not by Yasmin
A Professional- Style/Terminology by Salome
Turkish Dance, American Cabaret, Vintage Orientale by Artemis Mourat
Skirt Dancing by Artemis Mourat
The Elusive Definition of Tribal Belly Dance by Sharon Moore
Two Turkish DVDs Reviewed by Surreyya
Egyptian Dance – Has it Crossed the Line by Amina Goodyear
Taxim from a Dancers Perspective: Tarab or Tyranny? by Najia Marlyz
Samira’s youtube account- go to Playlists!

Finding a good teacher, being a good teacher:
A Competent Teacher By Ne-Kajira Jannan
Stuck in a Beginner Rut? by Shira
Why Does My Teacher Refuse To Help? by Shira
Teaching Styles: A Letter to the Editor In Defense of Demanding Teachers by Yasmin
Class Etiquette Develops Character by Jasmine Jahal
Teaching Ethics or How to Find a Good Teacher
I Dance, You Follow by Leila
Opening a Belly Dance Studio by Keti Sherif

Dance Specialties:
Shemadan Dancing by Lucy Smith
You say Zills, I Say Sagat by Yasmin
Finger Cymbal solo for beginners by Anthea
Troupe Transitions With Props by Shira
Styles and Specialties by Keti Sharif
Swords and Balancing Dances by Shems
Props Overview

Makeup and Costuming:
Bra Fit by Yasmin
How to Avoid Costuming Catastrophes by Jasmine Jahal
Fitting a Belt
Belly Dance Costume Quick Fixes
Costume Goddess Article Links (fantastic!)
Professional Costume Tips (not just for the professional)
Kohl: Drawing the Line by Dawn Devine

Music and Lyrics:
Arabic Music Translation
Arab Lyrics
Basic Rhythms for Cabaret Belly Dance Routine By Mary Ellen Donald
Oum Kalthoum, the Voice of Egypt by Yasmin