Pilates, Fitness & Flexibility Training | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Samira teaches Pilates, Fitness and Flexibility Training
under her name Karen Best in Columbia, Maryland.

For her Pilates classes and Pilates & Stretch classes,
and other workshops, which are an excellent workout for strength, flexibility and balance,
please visit The Yoga Center of Columbia. Or Download the summer flier.

FREE classes are July 10-16! Register here
Summer session starts July 17. Register here
Her Pilates schedule is: 
9am Pilates & Stretch 1
10am Pilates 1-2 Plus
5pm Pilates & Stretch 1
6pm Pilates 2
5:15pm Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1
9:30am Pilates 1
10:30am Pilates & Stretch 1-2
4:15pm Pilates & Stretch 1
5:15 Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1-2

Did you know that with Pilates you can:
 Improve your core strength and stability  Improve your posture and balance
 Increase your flexibility
 Address common causes of back pain
 Stabilize common injury areas relating to core: including knees, hips, back etc
 Develop your mind-body awareness exercise: for the brain, body and nervous system
 Stimulate circulation and digestion
 Decrease stress and enhance your mood
 Improve bone density with resistance Pilates
(bands and weights)  Tone those muscles!

Upcoming workshops include:
Pilates on the Ball: August 12 & September 24. Flier Workshop Calendar with registration links.
With over 31 years experience, Samira gets rave reviews from her dedicated students. Join them! The Yoga Center of Columbia has FREE trial classes four times a year.


Private class: payment

Private and semi-private classes at The Colosseum Gym.
Private rate: $75
Book with friends semi-private rate for 2-4 people: $45 per person.
After scheduling, you can pay via credit card in advance or in person.

Karen Best,  an ACE certified instructor, was first introduced to Pilates in 1985 as a dance major at the Philadelphia University of the Arts.
She has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986 and continually deepens her Pilates, dance, pedagogy, injury prevention and sports conditioning knowledge through workshops, training and research. She also publishes articles and provides fitness expertise under her cultural dance name Samira Shuruk.
She is passionate about clearly presenting proper technique and combines that with humor and enthusiasm.
Her dedication to health, fitness and wholistic well being results in classes and private sessions that are both physically and emotionally effective and rewarding.
Her classes all combine consistent exercises and technique with new movements, traditional Pilates and sports medicine techniques to keep your body working and your mind-body connection growing.

Love, love, love Pilates with Karen. I have been going weekly since last summer and have noticed a lot of differences in my core. She integrates stretching with Pilates exercises and describes each exercise so well. At 22 weeks pregnant I was still able to do most exercises and she helped modify them so I was still getting a workout without putting pressure on the babies. I have less back pain and discomfort this pregnancy due to Karen’s expertise on strengthening my core. ~Ann A (A Yoga Center of Columbia student).