RaqFit | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

RaqFit, an exciting entirely new and unique workout combines belly dance, Bollywood and fitness moves to get your heart pumping while having fun. RaqFit DVD $20.00 (plus standard US shipping)

Simple steps and energizing music make the workout easy to follow and motivating. Effective moves that work legs, glutes, abs, core and upper body help you get the results you want, while accommodations for low impact make it friendly for a variety of fitness levels.

RaqFit combines toning moves with the exotic moves of belly dance and Bollywood and brings fitness to a whole new level.
Developed and taught by Samira Shuruk – over 20 years teaching fitness and movement and full time belly dance and Bollywood performer.

This DVD features a warm up followed by 4 cardio choreography, which alternate between belly dance and Bollywood. At the end there is an ab section followed by gentle stretching. Super “pre-mixes” are available right from the main menu. Music by the fabulous Carmine Guida.

International orders and bulk purchases, please contact Samira directly.

RaqFit workout guide: The Belly Dance premix is a little easier and the Bollywood songs are more of a challenge. The moves are larger and therefore require more exertion both muscularly and on a cardio vascular level. For the ultimate in interval cardio workouts, do the whole thing!

RaqFit DVD shoot

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Benefits from RaqFit:

* Studies show dance fitness supports brain health through two pathways: both the greater circulation and the intellectual challenge

* Lunges and squats work the glutes and thighs; so stronger and more shapely legs and buns

* Great cardiovascular exercise supports heart health and calorie burn

* Exercises that are fun are exercises that you stick with. RaqFit is designed to provide a combination of challenge (to keep your brain engaged) AND repetition (to keep your body moving) AND fun so that you want to do it again!

* Different twisting and stabilization moves challenge your abs and back for a healthy core

* RaqFit is a mostly low impact workout with an entirely low-impact option for optimal joint ease

* Elevated heart rate for over 18 minutes releases feel good hormones and eases stress

* RaqFit uses a relatively small amount of space and no equipment. You can easily exercise in your own home and use the premix options to customize the workout for your time and workout level needs

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