Teaching Testimonials | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Samira loves to hear feedback from her workshop and class students!

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  • As a teacher, Samira not only presents a very detailed break-down of technique, but also covers the musicality, history and the cultures that one needs to understand to reach that ‘next level’ in one’s dance studies.  ~

  • …I feel, at last, that I am no longer learning a series of moves, but rather, I am learning how to Dance. ~

  • … I even got to take a private with her and I learned so much from her it was fantastic. Samira thank you so much, I only hope I get to see you perform again…

    Andrea (Indiana)
  • Thanks for a great class, Samira. The kids had a fabulous experience. Your sensitivity, resourcefulness, and professionalism are of the highest caliber and we hope you’ll agree to conduct the same workshop for our program next year.

    George and Noel Miller
  • I just started taking the Wednesday morning Raqfit class at the yoga center with Samira and she is an fun and excellent teacher! She does an fantastic job of breaking down the dance moves so that you can understand them. But the point of the class is to have fun and get your heart racing! It’s so much fun, I strongly recommend this class with Samira as your teacher.

    Michelle Sumpter
  • Samira is a phenomenal teacher: she makes her students feel comfortable and enthusiastic regardless of their level of experience. She provides individual corrections so you really learn and improve but does so with such warmth and humor that you are having fun the whole time you are working hard.

    Laurie Collins