Bollywood Blast Class | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Wednesday 8-9pm
September 21-December 7
Dress rehearsal Dec 3
Show Dec 4

Bollywood Blast! Learn an exciting and dynamic Bollywood dance, rehearse together, and perform it in December at the All Seasons Hafla, December 4th. 
Samira is super stoked to bring her Bollywood style to Columbia.
There will be a costume to purchase, we are aiming for under $100. See below for more details and requirements for this class.
L’Etoile, Russian Ballet Academy
9147 Red Branch Road, Suite D, Columbia. 21045. Bollywood Blast class Fall 2015
Bollywood Blast! 
Learn Samira’s choreography to Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali , a beautiful song with perfect lyrics for storytelling.
This song is really poetic, and sweet!
It is available for purchase in iTunes and Amazon. For copyright reasons, Samira can’t just give it to you.
Modifications can be made to the choreography to accommodate different needs, such as knee issues.
Class is open to dancers under 18 with permission from Samira.
This song is a henna song for a bride. Anyone, who is, or who wants to “play” a bride, which is not really dancing, can have a special part and different costume. Contact me with questions. It would be a way to take part for someone who can’t really dance for any reason.

Attendance requirements!
You must attend 10 of the 11 classes and let Samira know if you will miss.
You must attend the dress rehearsal on Saturday Dec 3. Exact time TBD.
You must practice at home.

Costume requirements!
We will be ordering costumes from India. We must order them 9/28, so you must have the costume fee to Samira by then.
The costumes will be a ghagra, choli with dupatta (a full skirt, short shirt, and head scarf).
The styles I am finding are below $90, with shipping of just $10. That is not including fitting fees. If you sew yourself, I will help you fit them for sewing.
If you need adjustments (all will have to be made shorter), you can bring them to a tailor, or pay a fee to have myself and another student / seamstress fit them for you.
The fitting forms are intensive, and we will be doing them IN class on 9/28.
You will be able to customize, buy or make your own accessories as you wish – braids, jewelry, tummy cover etc. We will buy colored footless tights to wear underneath.

On the first day, you will get the lyrics with the choreography notes written out. There will be modifications for different groups and blocking provided in the beginning of November.