Workshops | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

Samira has traveled all over the U.S. teaching her master classes and workshops.
If you are planning a belly dance, Bollywood, cultural or university event Samira offers spectacular workshops, master classes and seminars.

Contact Samira for her listings of workshop topics and special events options.

Samira is teaching at Pennsic University again! August 8th, 2 one hour, multi level workshops. 
Seven Shimmies with Samira (Make Friends With the Jiggle)Monday August 8 1-2pm. Middle Eastern Tent
Learn classic era Egyptian shimmies, how to layer them, travel with them and where they work best in your favorite music. Technique and concepts.
Moving Me SoftlyMonday August 8 5-6pm. Bog U (E24)
Belly dance has so many slow and smooth moves. We will explore them in depth from novice level and up. Circles and 8s and beyond! We’ll explore direction changes, level changes, weight changes and more. This will be applicable in “around the fire,” *hafla* **and** performance situations.

And Samira is teaching and performing at Roxy & Dukes again! 
Up, Down & All Around (time TBD) November 26.
Understand how to go from doing moves, to putting them together like a pro! Refine your use of space, integrate interesting direction changes, and focus on timing changes, to make your dance raq, roll and scintillate. This class will incorporate a note taking section, and practical dance application. All styles welcome!

Past workshops include: Drum solos, Shimmies, How to improvise or choreograph to an Oriental Intro, Classic Egyptian Style Secrets, Putting Together a Show, Stage Makeup for Belly Dancers, Pilates for dancers, Professional Primer, Sword, Pilates for Dancers, Saidi, Bollywood Mujra, Veil Techniques, Folklore for Oriental and more.

Consulting services include: Choreograph dance based fitness video or TV shows, advice on fitness product, fitness expertise,  equipment, clothing design and function, mentor budding dance professionals, consult on education or certification material.