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NEW CLASS! (class information and registration)

This year Samira switched her belly dance dance classes to The Yoga Center of Columbia!
All levels welcome! This is a community class, and half the proceeds are donated to HopeWorks of Howard County, a domestic and sexual violence shelter.
Learn and empower the beauty of the dance, the cultures and yourself!

Try it FREE Friday July 14 6-7pm. Register FREE!

Regular session dates:
Fridays, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
7/28, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8, 9/22
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Remember, any missed classes you are encouraged to make up in our Pilates, yoga, qigong or meditation classes!
OR bring a friend to use your makeup!

Download my Pilates class and workshop schedule for summer.

Start your weekend with joy!
Samira will lead an improvisational belly dance based class designed to get your body feeling great and your heart soaring.
Class will include warm up, dancing across the floor, improvisational groove and follow, a whole lot of cheering each other on, and a relaxing stretch at the end.
This is a donation class with 50% proceeds going to HopeWorks domestic and sexual violence shelter in Howard County.

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Interested in Hope Dances merchandise, that also benefits Hope Works? Go to Hips, Health & Happiness and look for Hope Dances in the Search This Store bar.


Belly Dance is a beautiful cultural art and you will be learning from a professional performer who specializes primarily in Arab style belly dance AND who is certified by ACE Fitness.
Students are active learners and to this end Samira will provide feedback along with lots of encouragement. The focus of this class will be enjoyment, feeling great with movement, enjoying your body in movement, encouraging each other in class, relieving stress and also supporting an incredible important cause.

If you’re looking for a dance workout DVD, RaqFit is here!

The classes will develop organically with Samira leading the way. Multiple level students will be taught in the same class. While one may be learning a technique new to them another will be refining and adding layers or using it as a drill.
Samira has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986. This healthy movement background is combined with her knowledge as a dance major in addition to her knowledge and experience as a full time belly dance performer for over a decade.
Her unparalleled background combines with her desire to see her students flourish and grow toward their goals.

Samira also offers private classes to intermediate through professional level students as well as mentoring sessions.
These classes can be in person or via Skype. Call or email for details.

Call or email Samira with questions

Student FAQs

Samira belly dance at Roxy and Dukes

Questions! Contact Samira 410-977-7978

A minimum of 4 registered students is required to run classes

Samira belly dance class

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Student FAQs

For Samira’s Pilates classes and Pilates & Stretch classes,
and other workshops, which are an excellent supplement for strength, flexibility and balance,
please visit The Yoga Center of Columbia. Or Download the summer flier.

Her Pilates schedule is: 
9am Pilates & Stretch 1
10am Pilates 1-2 Plus
5pm Pilates & Stretch 1
6pm Pilates 2
5:15pm Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1
9:30am Pilates 1
10:30am Pilates & Stretch 1-2
4:15pm Pilates & Stretch 1
5:15 Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1-2

Upcoming workshops include:
Pilates on the Ball: August 12 & September 24. Flier Workshop Calendar with registration links.
With over 31 years experience, Samira gets rave reviews from her dedicated students. Join them! The Yoga Center of Columbia has FREE trial classes four times a year.