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Belly Dance is a beautiful cultural art and you will be learning from a full-time performer who specializes primarily in Arabic style.  Authentic Middle Eastern music will be used and musical expression and understanding will be incorporated throughout. Students are active learners and to this end Samira will provide feedback for improvement along with lots of encouragement. If you’re looking for a dance workout, RaqFit is here!
We will have opportunities for girls night out “field trips” to see shows, discuss dance videos for comparison and contrast and share a wide variety of learning methods for the dance. The classes will develop organically to cover various aspects of the dance to help you take your understanding and skills as far as you like.  Multiple level students will be taught in the same class.  While one may be learning a technique new to them another will be refining and adding layers.
Samira has been teaching fitness and movement since 1986.  This healthy movement background is combined with her knowledge as a dance major in addition to her knowledge and experience as a full time belly dance performer for over a decade. Her unparalleled background combines with her desire to see her students flourish and grow toward their goals.
Learn and empower the beauty of the dance, the cultures and yourself!
A minimum of 4 registered students is required to run classes

DATES: There are 8 sessions a year. Drop ins are allowed.
Classes are not quite yet moving to Baltimore.
Our winter session runs through April 9th. Drop ins are welcome!
Location: Central Maryland Youth Ballet 9570 Berger Rd, Columbia, MD 21046
2014 sessions and classes are as follows:
Spring: April 14-June 29 (11 weeks)
Summer: Jule 7-September 21 (10 weeks, no class August 8)
Fall: September 22-December 21 (13 weeks)

Spring: April 14-June 29 (11 weeks)In Columbia.
Make up classes are encouraged and must be made up within the same session.

PRICES for spring session (payment plans available):
Belly Dance Level 1: $187
Belly Dance Level 2 Plus: $275

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  • ... I even got to take a private with her and I learned so much from her it was fantastic. Samira thank you so much, I only hope I get to see you perform again...~Andrea (Indiana)
  • Thanks for a great class, Samira. The kids had a fabulous experience. Your sensitivity, resourcefulness, and professionalism are of the highest caliber and we hope you'll agree to conduct the same workshop for our program next year.~George and Noel Miller
  • As a teacher, Samira not only presents a very detailed break-down of technique, but also covers the musicality, history and the cultures that one needs to understand to reach that 'next level' in one's dance studies.  ~ ~Nazirah
  • I just started taking the Wednesday morning Raqfit class at the yoga center with Samira and she is an fun and excellent teacher! She does an fantastic job of breaking down the dance moves so that you can understand them. But the point of the class is to have fun and get your heart racing! It's so much fun, I strongly recommend this class with Samira as your teacher.~Michelle Sumpter
  • ...I feel, at last, that I am no longer learning a series of moves, but rather, I am learning how to Dance. ~ ~Nazirah

Class Descriptions
NEW! Wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm
Belly Dance Level 1 is a multi level class geared towards novice dancers as well as those new to Samira’s techniques. Class will include warm up, posture, isolations, arms, traveling steps, shimmies as well as dance basics. Most students stay in this level several sessions before moving up to level 2. 11 weeks. $187.
Location : Central Maryland Youth ballet. 9570 Berger Rd ste A. Columbia, MD. 21046

Or you can sign up here for a two payment plan. The first payment is $108. The second payment, due July 30th is $85.
By clicking this button I agree to pay $108  now and $85 July 30th.

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Wednesdays 8:15-9:45 pm
Belly Dance Level 2 Plus- This one and a half hour class is a multi level class geared towards belly dancers with some class experience that want to brush up on and drill all the basics (and some “not so basic”). We will work on the foundations of belly dance; posture, arms and hands, steps, spins and turns, shimmies traveling and isolations. Bring your sagat or zills!
We will also further develop your dance vocabulary and technique while refining your lines, movements, transitions, musicality, expression and understanding of this beautiful art. Different parts of a dance show will be explored and props will also be covered over different sessions.
Class format will include warm-up and conditioning, arms, sagat drill, stationary drills, across the floor, improvisation follow, concepts of improvisation and choreography and cool down. Belly Dance Level 2 is not for novice dancers. You will be expected to practice at home and do homework. Students also do exercises to learn to access their own movement vocabularies, learn to develop stage presence and develop an understanding of how this dance form expresses the dancer and the music. Each session we have a different focus.
From The Roots to The Stars! In depth learning of how the “root moves” have changed over time and how they differ from dancer to dancer amongst the greats. In this way you learn how to tweak moves for your body, the music, the mood and more.
Location : Central Maryland Youth ballet. 9570 Berger Rd ste A. Columbia, MD. 21046
11 weeks $275

Or sign up here for a two payment plan. The first payment is $140. The second payment (July 30th) is $138.
By clicking this button, I agree to pay $140 and $138 July 30th.

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Call or email Samira with questions

*Level 1. Drop in: $20
* 11 week session Level 1: $187
* Level 2 Plus Drop in: $28
* 11 week Level 2 plus: $275

Samira belly dance class

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*if you miss a class during the session ask Samira about making up on the other day.

Student FAQs

For Samira’s Pilates classes and Stretch and Core classes, which are an excellent supplement for strength, flexibility and balance, please visit The Yoga Center of Columbia.