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Dance, Pilates and travel!

Apr 3 - Jul 3, 2017 |

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Hi friends,
I have fun announcements!

Come see Ebony, Berna and me at Bohemian Belly Dance Brunch! Brought to you by the fabulous Belladonna and Bohemian Belly Dance.
Saturday, April 8. Meridian Pint, in DC.

PILATES & DANCE CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: It’s a new session at The Yoga Center of Columbia. Go to their site to register! 
Scroll down for my class schedule, which starts April 10.

COMMUNITY CLASSES: We had a wonderful successful Hope Dances session and are continuing the semi-weekly belly dance class, that donates half the proceeds to Hope Works, Domestic and Sexual Violence Shelter in Howard County. Registration for this Mini Session is also at The Yoga Center of Columbia. Look under Workshops.

COME TO BEAUTIFUL MOROCCO! Rhia Raqs and I sold out our Morocco trip for this October, BUT Peacock Pavilions just expanded and added two gorgeous new rooms! 
Interested in Morocco this October? Click here for more amazing information.
We have payment plans available, and only FOUR spots! 

We will also be going in October 2018, so to preview the trip, check out this year’s information.
If you are interested in these or other adventures, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, as these will be where I’ll post information as well.

REGULAR VENUES!  Make reservations to come see me perform at Cazbar (Baltimore), Silk Road Bistro (Pikesville), or Royal Karma (Annapolis).
Also, look for my cultural show Dance to the Heart Beat on GTV and see me this Saturday April 8, at the Bohemian Belly Dance Brunch in DC!

SAMIRA DESIGNS FOR HIPS, HEALTH & HAPPINESS! on Customized Girl. You can put any of the designs on other items for total style, size and comfort customization! There are definite curvy styles available, message me with any questions, I am happy to help.  Hips, Health & Happiness specializes in Pilates, yoga, kindness and geek themes. 20% off for spring! (through 4/6) Put in code SPRA20 at check out! 

Pilates Schedule:
Spring into feeling FANTASTIC! with Pilates classes!

April 3-9 are our FREE classes.
April 3-July 2 is our Spring Session.

Register for both at

My schedule, you ask? Here!
9am Pilates & Stretch 1
10am Pilates 1-2 Plus
5pm Pilates & Stretch 1
6pm Pilates 2
5:15pm Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1
9:30am Pilates 1
10:30am Pilates & Stretch 1-2
4:15pm Pilates & Stretch 1
5:15pm Pilates 1
8pm Pilates 1

Plus special Mini Session of Hope Dances (belly dance class), and workshops of Pilates on the Ball, Pilates & Stretch for Stress Relief and Chair Pilates.

Summer of hope! And fall in Morocco!

Jul 10 - Sep 25, 2017 |

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Summer is here and new classes are almost upon us!

Hope Dances belly dance dance classes at The Yoga Center of Columbia!
All levels welcome! This is a community class, and half the proceeds are donated to HopeWorks of Howard County, a domestic and sexual violence shelter.
Learn and empower the beauty of the dance, the cultures and yourself!

Try it FREE Friday July 14 6-7pm. Register FREE!
Regular session dates: Fridays, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
7/28, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8, 9/22
Register HERE! 
Remember, any missed classes you are encouraged to make up in our Pilates, yoga, qigong or meditation classes!
OR bring a friend to use your makeup! 
  Hope Dance flier! 

Interested in Hope Dances merchandise, that also benefits Hope Works? Go to Hips, Health & Happiness and look for Hope Dances in the Search This Store bar.

Samira is teaching at Pennsic again! Click here for info on her two workshops>
Seven Shimmies with Samira (Make Friends With the Jiggle) and
Moving Me Softly.

For her Pilates classes and Pilates & Stretch classes,
and other workshops, please visit
The Yoga Center of Columbia. Or Download the summer flier.

FREE classes are July 10-16! Register here
Summer session starts July 17. Register here
Her Pilates schedule is: 
9am Pilates & Stretch 1, 10am Pilates 1-2 Plus, 5pm Pilates & Stretch 1, 6pm Pilates 2
5:15pm Pilates 1, 8pm Pilates 1
9:30am Pilates 1, 10:30am Pilates & Stretch 1-2, 4:15pm Pilates & Stretch 1, 5:15 Pilates 1, 8pm Pilates 1-2

Want to know the Benefits of Pilates?
There are listed here, along with my schedule

Join Samira and Rhia for a week of movement, joy, culture, reconnection and discoveries in colorful and breathtaking Morocco.
October 7-13. Spaces limited!

Embrace your stay in the lavish Peacock Pavilions, located in a hushed olive grove, just 20 minutes outside Marrakech’s Medina.
We will celebrate and dine in an authentic Arabian dining tent, amidst the glow of  lanterns, hand crafted art and textiles. Twice daily classes including yoga, Pilates, stretching, myofascial release, dance, and more in the beautiful open air pavilion will help you feel fantastic your whole trip. You can exercise every day, or take that time for lazing about the pool, strolling the gardens or relaxing with tea.
Our days will include a professionally guided tour of the Medina, Marrakesh’s historic city center, a trip to the Atlas Mountains, a traditional Hamman (Moroccan bath house), a Berber museum, henna art, music, a wine tasting, tea time, cocktail parties, tantalizing food and more.

We will start our stay, by giving – with Project Soar. We will participate in an event for this non-profit organization established to empower local Moroccan girls through art and sports, as well as health and English language education.
For itinerary, registration and full information, click here. Pricing for the week starts at $2,525.
Payment plan available. Limited spaces left!