Alf Laylah Hafla Performer Info Page | Samira Shuruk | Belly Dancer in Baltimore & Washington, DC

All performers in the Alf Laylah Wa Laylah hafla please read the guidelines below:

*Email music MP3 or MP4 or mail CD with only your show  music on it to Samira 2 weeks or more before your show date.  She will be making a show playlist for the venue on her ipod. We do not run the show from CD!
*When not performing please wear a coverup over costume (or regular clothing of course).  This is out of consideration for whomever is performing, but also for the protection of your own costume from spills.
*This is a community event.  Please try to arrange your day so you can watch and support your fellow dancers as much as you can.
*Costuming and dance must be family friendly
*All styles of belly dance– from folklore to sparkly to fusion is welcome. We will arrange haflas to show variety of our art form
*Alf Laylah Wa Laylah has one women’s room with counter space, good mirror space and three stalls.  Please try to come as close to “in costume” as possible and already in full makeup however, both to free up restroom space, but also to enable you to enjoy most of the show.
*Solo performer’s door fee is waived, but still please stick to the $10 minimum per person per table.
*We can’t waive the door fee for whole troupes, I’m sorry. The last year resulted in several confusing situations.  Troupes, please be prepared for all but two members to pay.  I will need the names of two members to put on the door list.
*Bring all your friends and family!  Please help promote this art form by sharing info about the show far and wide! This means tell friends, family and classmates.  Email people about it.  Invite people on Facebook as well as post the event page to your page.  A full house is a community effort AND makes the event more fun and exciting for everyone. 🙂 I pay the headliner (and the band when we’ve had one).  In order to do this, we need people in the door.
*The performance space is a large square and the floor is tile
*There will be one or two features each month, with 15 minute shows.  Other performers will have shorter time slots.  Length of time depends on number of participants and level of performer.
*Please check in with Samira when you arrive.
*We will not pause between dancers for announcements.  There is a several second break for applause and programs on the tables for people to enjoy reading about you and your performance.  Be ready “on deck”.  Show lists will be posted to make this easy for you.
*Feel free to bring flyers for your workshops and shows.
Information I need IN ADDITION to your music:
Dance Name: (especially if different from your email)
Contact info: email, phone number
Name of song/songs and artist/artists: AND the order if more than one track.
Style of belly dance performing:
Props if any:
Short bio for a written program (not announcement).  3 – 6 sentences maximum (headliners excepted)

Dancers and their families and friends are what make this such a fun and warm event!