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Jan 4 - Apr 4, 2016 | Columbia, MD

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Come for the jingly scarves and exercise. Stay for the friends and culture!

Current Schedule:
Fall Session ends December 9th

NEW class! January 4th – April 3rd
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LOCATION: 9147 Red Branch Road, Suite D, Columbia. 21045
Drop ins welcome.
Make up classes for individuals are encouraged and, they must be made up within two months. (except unlimited package, see below)
Learn and empower the beauty of the dance, the cultures and yourself!
FREE CLASS Monday Jan 4th 8-9pm
FREE CLASS Wednesday Jan 6th 6:30-7:30
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  Belly Dance Level 1 Mondays 8-9pm FREE CLASS Monday Jan 4th 8-9pm. Session Jan 11th- April 3rd 12 weeks. or Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm  FREE CLASS Wednesday Jan 6th 6:30-7:30. Session Jan 13th- April 3rd 12 weeks. Belly Dance Level 1 is a multi level class geared towards novice dancers as well as those new to Samira’s techniques. Class will include warm up, posture, isolations, arms, traveling steps, shimmies as well as dance basics. Most students stay in this level several sessions before moving up to level 2. Drop ins welcome ($20) 12 weeks Jan 11th-April 3rd- $204 Belly Dance Level 2 Plus7:30-9:00pmThis one and a half hour class is a multi level class geared towards belly dancers with some class experience that want to brush up on and drill all the basics (and some “not so basic”). We will work on the foundations of belly dance; posture, arms and hands, steps, spins and turns, shimmies traveling and isolations. Bring your sagat or zills! We will also further develop your dance vocabulary and technique while refining your lines, movements, transitions, musicality, expression and understanding of this beautiful art. Different parts of a dance show will be explored and props will also be covered over different sessions. Class format will include warm-up and conditioning, arms, sagat drill, stationary drills, across the floor, improvisation follow, concepts of improvisation and choreography and cool down. Belly Dance Level 2 is not for novice dancers. You will be expected to practice at home and do homework. Students also do exercises to learn to access their own movement vocabularies, learn to develop stage presence and develop an understanding of how this dance form expresses the dancer and the music. Drop ins welcome ($28)
Jan 4th – April 3rd – 13 weeks – $299.
Early bird discount (before 12/31) $276 Use code WINTER in Promo Code box!
LOCATION: 9147 Red Branch Road, Suite D, Columbia. 21045

2016 sessions and classes are as follows:
Winter Session: January 4-April 3
Spring Session: April 4 – June 26
Summer Session: July 11-Sept 25
Fall Session: Sept 26-Dec 16


Make up classes for individuals are encouraged and, they must be made up within two months.
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