Workshops- Rhythms and dancers

Apr 21, 2012 | Studio Nina Amaya

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Workshop at Nina Amaya’s. 
Samira will teach dance steps and combinations to the rhythms Karim Nagi teaches in his workshop that precedes!
From Karim’s flier:
MASMUDI (Classic Egyptian Style) is used in both folkloric and classical Egyptian music. Karim will teach both “Kabir” (big) and “Saghir” (small, a.k.a. “Baladi) with multiple Dum variations. —MALFUF (Palestinian & Lebanese Style) is used for Dabka unisex line dance. Karim will teach the tight and loose versions with multiple Dum accents. —MAGHREBI (Moroccan 6/8 to 2/4 transition) is a generic term for Moroccan & North African rhythms. Karim will teach Shaabi 6/8, and it’s transition to Rai-Karachi 2/4. Karim will play in concert the night before, Friday night, at Georgetown U.
$25 before April 15, $30 after.