Iraqi Dance Workshop with Sabrina (San Diego)!

Dec 28, 2011 | ILounge, above Cazbar

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Get ready to pop your shoulders and stomp your feet!

So much more than hair-ography, the dances of Iraq are a broad subject which could fill a dissertation, coming from a country of many cultures and dialects. This workshop focuses on Chobi and Qawliya (Hacha) Dance often called the dance of Iraqi Gypsies (This is the word Iraqis use to describe it in English, so please excuse any negative connotations associated with the word Gypsy for native English speakers.) Learn to distinguish the rhythms and use authentic movements. And yes, we will do some hair flinging…safely. Get ready to pop your shoulders and stomp your feet.  This workshop will include a Chobi line dance as well as a traditional combination done by dancers in pairs. Have a string of prayer beads you don’t mind twirling at mach 5? Please bring them and learn to twirl beads in time to the music, while the rest of your body bellydances; a great skill for mixed bellydance / folkloric shows. 1 Hour. Please bring water and a notebook.

Wednesday, December 28th 8-9pm

ILounge, above Cazbar, Baltimore.

Cost: $35


If you sign up for both Acting for Dancers and Iraqi dance workshop Cost: $65 at the door