Acting for Dancers Workshop with Sabrina (San Diego)!

Dec 28, 2011 | ILounge, above Cazbar

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Movement quality transcends technique, when there is a purpose behind it. Learn to communicate a wide spectrum of emotions to your audience without saying a word.  A key hallmark of the professional quality dancer, is their ability to share their experience with the audience in a moving and meaningful way. This workshop will teach you how to express emotions with gestures, intensity, facial expressions, energy qualities and timing. Learn bellydance specific tips to keep your performance gestures appropriate for most cultures. You will learn to command your performance space as well as skills to maximize the use of your performance space.  Learn to create an internal dialogue to keep your movement expressively genuine. 1 Hour.  Please bring a notebook.

“I dance better when I have a reason to do the steps,” says Kimberly Cowen of Kansas City Ballet. “You can’t just make a face and call it a day. You need to have a purpose.”

Wednesday, December 28th 7-8pm

ILounge, above Cazbar, Baltimore.

Cost: $35


If you sign up for both Acting for Dancers and Iraqi dance workshop Cost: $65 at the door.